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Currently, a full-scale invasion by the Russian army is taking place in Ukraine.

Aviation and artillery are bombing peaceful cities. Multiple launch rocket systems, which in practice are incapable of precision targeting, are shelling residential areas. The unarmed civilian population does not support the occupiers; they are trying to stop the armored vehicles with their bare hands.

This is a war of annihilation. That is not an exaggeration or a rhetorical device. The leadership of Russia is not at all shy about violating all possible conventions of military operations.

We understand very well that your principles may not align with donating funds to buy equipment for combatants and the texts we publish do not necessarily come from collectives who support doing so. This list will expand, and you will find that it contains various other initiatives; in fact, most of them are purely humanitarian. Some are associated with the anti-authoritarian movement, some are not. Unfortunately, we do not have the resources or the luxury to double-check everything for ideological purity. We can only say with certainty that these are not scams. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Russian society has not yet produced a substantial antiwar movement. Today there are only timid picket lines of hundreds of people in cities with millions of people, pasting up flyers and signing online petitions. Of course they can and must be supported symbolically, but as it stands by the time they gain critical mass there won't be anyone left to support in Ukraine. Don't wonder, where are Russian initiatives.

Our every cent can save lives. Those saved lives - they are people who will be able to build a free society. There will certainly be no possibility to even discuss any emancipatory initiatives under conditions of a military occupation and a meat grinder of war. If the invasion is not stopped, it will thrust a region with a population of forty million into political apocalypse. The ensuing instability will, in every conceivable way, play directly into the hands of the most radical right wing elements. The consequences for the neighboring areas will be disastrous.

We have not lost our minds looking at feeds manufacturing controversy and posting outrage clickbait content. Our position is the only rational stance based on the unfortunate facts from on the ground.

Freefilmers Mariupol

Freefilmers is a collective of filmmakers and artists, originally from Mariupol, Ukraine. For the past five years, we have been working with topics of urban transformations in East Ukraine and its multicultural vibes. We have also researched the working-class creativity and industrial past and present of post-socialist cities.

Now the Freefilmers are based in different parts of the world, but we are working together on recreating our home and making the whole planet a place free of violence and aggression. This should be the last imperialist colonial war. Ukraine happens to be at its centre, but it concerns every single person on the planet whose values are freedom and equality.

Great collection of ressources from Legacy of War Foundation

As an organisation and as individuals, we at Legacy of War Foundation have a long relationship with Ukraine. We've compiled this resource with the help of friends and partners on the ground to help you direct your time, energy and funds in the most effective ways possible.

Ukraine Herbal Solidarity

project for medical care at the border

ABC Dresden

ABC Dresden has good connection to Ukrainian activists and call for donations. Use Ukraine tag

Links from Razom for Ukraine fund

Ukrainian founds and initiatives u could support

The international fund кожен може

The international fund ‘кожен може’ helps children with disabilities and elderly people with disabilities affected by the war in ukraine and in need of support, as well as supports hospitals and volunteer initiatives in ukraine.


Maps for any kind of help for refugees from Ukraine If you or your friends could help with housing, cloth, food etc. iu could put yourself on the map.